Happy Family Night Market
An annual event that celebrates the Asian diaspora through food, art, and education.


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Sidewalk, Amphitheater & Garden

12:00PM — 10:00PM

All-Day Food Stalls

Vendors include: Kopitiam, Eat Offbeat, Jhal, Republic of Booza, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, and OPOPO x San & Wolves.

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Playhouse Theater

12:30PM — 2:00PM

“Alter / Altar”

A program of short films exploring different perspectives on tradition and ritual.

2:30PM — 4:00PM

95 and 6 To Go

A resilient widower’s memories become intertwined with the fictional screenplay his granddaughter is writing, revealing the fine line between life and art, rumination and imagination.

4:30PM — 6:00PM

“Remember Me”

A program of short films exploring different perspectives on family and memory.

6:30PM — 8:00PM

Ask The Sexpert

Ask the Sexpert is a feature length documentary about Dr. Mahinder Watsa, a highly popular 93-year-old sex advice columnist for a daily newspaper in Mumbai.

8:30PM — 10:00P

“Home Again”

A program of short films exploring different perspectives on environment and identity.

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G–01 Underground Theater

12:00PM — 1:30PM

“If It Grows Here, It Belongs Here”

Farmers and scholars will discuss their own experiences of figural and literal uprootedness—what it means to (im)migrate from one home to another, what gets lost along the move, and how they preserve their cultural and culinary heritage.

2:00PM — 3:30PM

Not Your Token Asian

From THE SIMPSONS’ Apu to CRAZY RICH ASIANS, we’ve come a long way from brownface and yellowface portrayals of Asian identity on screen… or have we?

4:00PM — 5:30PM

Authentically Inauthentic

Historians, writers, and chefs will gather to discuss the centering question of this year’s Happy Family Night Market, “What is Asia?”, through the lens of food.

6:00PM — 7:30PM

Specially Processed American Me: SPAM, War, and Cuisine

Over a tasting of Budae jjigae Army Stew, artist and playwright Jaime Sunwoo will examine the history of SPAM, the canned meat, in the Asia-Pacific and its place in Asian American upbringing.

8:00PM — 9:30PM

Solidarity or Appropriation? Asian & Black Influence in Music Videos and Pop Culture

From mainstream pop to hip hop and everything in between — how are Black, API, and other POC artists influenced and informed by one another across the musical spectrum?

10:00PM — 11:00PM

Asian AF

Enjoy an evening of completely improvised comedy by the Upright Citizen Brigade’s own Asian Super Team. ASIAN AF (Asian As F***) is the premier Asian American variety show at the UCB Theatre.

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Room G–05

12:00PM — 1:30PM

From Fermentation to Fertilizer: Bokashi Composting

Learn from Bokashi Master Shig Matsukawa how to accelerate your compost cycle, while creating nutrients for your garden.

2:00PM — 3:00PM

Isha Farming & Heirloom Indian Produce

In the workshop, farmers Nimai and Ashley will discuss the ancient Indian System of Agriculture (Vedic Krishi) and share some of the unique plant varieties they grow on their farm.

3:30PM — 4:30PM

Community Art Mural *Drop-in*

Join artist and educator Sophia Haas in creating a large-scale abstract work of art. In this drop-in workshop, children are invited to explore the process of creation.

Room 202

12:00PM — 2:00PM

Intro to Marbling *Drop-In*

Discover the magic of floating color and learn how to create beautiful designs using both Suminagashi (Japanese) and Ebru (Turkish) methods of marbling.

4:00PM — 5:00PM

The Case for Makgeolli

Hana Makgeolli plans to be the first artisanal Korean rice alcohol producer in the U.S. – but why Hana? Why makgeolli? And why now?

6:00PM — 7:30PM

Ayurvedic Preservation: Fruits, Roots and Spice

Learn how to make herbal jams and salt pickles from whole fruits, roots, and spices adapted from ancient South Indian Ayurvedic recipes with Atina Foods.

8:00PM — 9:30PM

The Meaning of Color

How do we relate to color in our artwork? Do these symbols and techniques feel culturally rooted? Artists who work with color are encouraged to join the workshop.

12:00PM — 1:30PM

Dumplings and Savory Pastries from Nepal and Uzbekistan

Join League of Kitchens Nepali cooking instructor Rachana Rimal and Uzbek cooking instructor Damira Inatullaeva for an interactive cooking demonstration highlighting momos and sambusas, two stuffed dough recipes from their respective countries.

2:30PM — 4:00PM

Taj Mah Grandma's Balls

HFNM 2018 Food Festival alum Taj Mah Balls has returned — this time with the entire family. Make your very own Hyderabadi lamb meatball curry while learning about its relation to Mughlai and Hyderabadi cuisine.

5:00PM — 6:30PM

CPU Gimbap

CPU Gimbap Workshop is a cooking class to learn the fundamentals of computation. Participants perform all the operations of a Central Processing Unit by slicing vegetables and rolling their own gimbap.

Studio 3

12:00PM — 1:30PM

Backstrap Weaving in Asia

Artist and weaving activist Cynthia Alberto will discuss the history of backstrap of weaving in Asia while leading students through three techniques. No prior experience required.

2:00PM — 4:00PM

Asian Butterfly Taxidermy

Learn about the basics of butterfly preparation from NYC’s premiere and award-winning taxidermist. All specimen are sustainably sourced. Students take home their own prepared butterfly.

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Experimental Theater

Outdoor Amphitheater

2:00PM — 2:45PM

Theodore Jahng

is a music supervisor, programmer, and disc jockey based in New York City whose interests intersect at the crossroads of music, design, and food.

3:00PM — 3:45PM


is the lo-fi experimental pop music project of queer, mixed, desi artist Josephine Shetty, who uses minimal dance beats and susurrate vocals to create hypnotic environments.

4:00PM — 4:45PM

Nathan Bajar

is a Filipino American artist living and working in Brooklyn, born and raised in New Jersey. He is set to release his self-produced debut project PLAYROOM in 2019.

5:00PM — 5:45PM


is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist with a distinctly addictive sound that fuses RnB, experimental pop, house, and much more.

6:00PM — 6:45PM

DJ Ushka

is a Sri Lankan-born, Brooklyn-based deejay traversing genres across electronic club & bass music. When she isn't crafting dancefloor spaces, Ushka is a political and cultural organizer.

8:00PM — 8:45PM


is Moki Kawaguchi: A 25-year-old jazz pianist, singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist.

9:00PM — 9:45PM

Ian Chang

makes electronic music physical. Using drums to control and manipulate samples, Chang brings human fluidity to a metronomic genre.

10:00PM — 10:45PM

New Optimism

is the new incarnation of shapeshifting artist Miho Hatori, each song on her debut EP is a magic curveball zig-zagging between pop, electro, hip-hop and experimental.

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Room 201

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12:00PM — 11:00PM


Vendors include: Wing on Wo & Co, Fully Booked, In Shady Company, Sari Sari, You Jung Byun, MAAARI, and Passenger Pigeon Press and more!

12:00PM — 11:00PM

Site Specific & Participatory Artworks

Artists include: Lexy Ho-Tai, Abeera Kamran, KT Pe Benito and Minh Bui, Nic Annette Miller, Natalia Nakazawa, and Somnath Bhatt.