Happy Family Night Market

As a community-centered organization, Happy Family Night Market is currently in the process of transitioning from a single-owner LLC to a multi-stakeholder cooperative (co-op).

What is a co-op?

A co-op is an enterprise or organization that is democratically owned and managed by its members. It’s an organizational structure and legal entity that’s different from both traditional for-profit and non-profit structures. 

Whereas companies and nonprofits are typically owned and influenced by their biggest investors or donors, in a cooperative model, ownership and decision-making power is shared by all members of the co-op—and is distributed democratically, regardless of the amount of capital an individual invests or donates. The economic and social value generated by the members of a co-op is reinvested into the co-op’s membership, rather than extracted by an organization’s executives, shareholders, or donors. The co-op structure is therefore more equitable, sustainable, and representative of the community it serves. 

There are many different types of co-ops, including worker co-ops, consumer co-ops, and producer-co-ops. Happy Family is becoming a multi-stakeholder co-op, which is a combination of all three.

Training & Education

Steering Committee


In 2021, Happy Family’s Founder Angeline Gragasin selected three leaders from Happy Family’s community to serve as members of the Cooperative Steering Committee.

The Committee meets twice a month, and is collectively tasked with identifying our community’s needs and priorities, and designing the cooperative’s new strategic plan, organizational model, and bylaws. The committee members are:

Tehmina Brohi (Steering Committee Chair) May Yeung Gerry Leonard David Kim Media Farzin Angeline Gragasin


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