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Ep 11 - Megacity Movement


Ep 10 - 80s-90s Cantopop from the Dodge Minivan

Christina Chan

Ep 9 - Southeast Asian Psych

Mi Nguyen

Ep 8 - Sounds from the Turkish Underground

Ebru Yildiz

Ep 7 - Sounds of Cinema

Wei Wei

Ep 6 - Buka Warung

Nia Shaliha

Ep 5 - Spiritual Music

Jasper Lotti

Ep 4 - The Archipelagical Mixtape


Ep 3 - The Manila Sound

Les Talusan

Ep 2 - Hawaiian Nostalgia

Veronica Murashige

Ep 1 - Vietnamese New Wave

Matthew Vu

I made this mix as a consolidation of my journey thus far in dance music.

Every major city has a rich underground dance scene characteristic of its own flavor and attitude. Curious people come together to share, learn, and love these sounds—whether it be online, at the club, or in a record store. At the same time, alternative electronic music connects these cities through a global web of shared enthusiasm.

My personal ties to East Asia are what led me to discover and connect with incredible DJs in places like Taipei, Nagoya, Hong Kong, and Seoul. Their voices helped shape my own, encouraging me to continue exploring what the world has to offer with this kind of music. I still remember hearing Shinichiro Yokota for the first time in college and falling in love with old-school house.

It's been a wild ride ever since, and I hope this mix can help give a taste of the inspiration that still motivates me to this day. — @d_e_w_w__

1 Funky S - Joi Lau 2 Four Loops - Closet Yi 3 Choose Love (feat. Poetek) - Sonia Calico 4 Omi (blackglassG Remix) - Sekitova 5 2UBU ( a better tomorrow mix) - Luca Lozano + Mr. Ho 6 Forgive You Not - DJ Bowlcut 7 Life Has Changed - Keita Sano 8 Little Helper 306-1 - Eddie Hu 9 Stranger - Bézier 10 PUMP - Stones Taro 11 Lion Dance - Xiaolin 12 Sunshower (H-Track Edition) (feat. Nami Shimada) - Soichi Terada 13 Blue Line 11:30PM - Mogwaa 14 BUSY PORT - Powder 15 Drift Like This - Chococan, dotzio 16 浮世離vapor (feat. Diskomargaux) - Foodman

Happy Family Radio is a curated mixtape series highlighting music of the Asian diaspora, from the traditional to the experimental, for dance parties or meditative moments, spanning anything from Malaysian Doom Metal to early-2000s K-pop.

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